Viral marketing promo via Nero’s Brazil twitter increases in 150% the total number of followers. – Allameda – 27/07/2010

During the last 20 days, Allameda, Nero PR Agency in Brazil, have done a viral marketing promo via Nero’s Brazil twitter ( which has ended yesterday.

The campaign, called “Nero é 10!” (Nero is 10!), using the funny use of words so common in Brazil, was developed based on three points:

  1. Empower the publication of comments and news related to music, video, multimedia and digital entertainment on @NeroBrasil twitter;
  2. Support direct messages exchanges with users (twitter followers);
  3. Raffle (via public contest) a kit containing: Nero T-shirt, Nero bag and one Nero 10 license to @NeroBrasil followers.

The results were very positive: 

  • There was an unbelievable increase of 150% on total number of followers. Beginning with 440 followers, @NeroBrasil ended up having 1,000 followers. Due to that growth, @NeroBrasil is today the biggest and most followed Nero twitter in the world.
  • Nero brand was quoted more than 1,300 times in twitter, receiving very positive re-twits, all directly related to the campaign.
  • Nero received dozens of very enthusiastic messages from users all over the country. All messages are very positive and awards Nero with compliments for its products and praises the easy way Nero communicates with the users.

Still related to viral marketing, Allameda´s next step, which is under way, is to have a promotional campaign at Baixatudo/Globo website which will give away 5 Nero 10 serial numbers which were provided by Max Gorissen, Nero Brazil Country Manager.

During the month of August, Baixatudo will have a promotional campaign in its homepage, together with some selected ads, besides using twitter, involving @NeroBrasil twitter as reinforcement.

Mauricio Bonas 
Phone: +55 11 3926-5580 

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