GMG GROUP NV appoints CompuStream to market the Maloca Mobile Lifestyle Management Solution in Brazil. – 1/6/2008

CompuStream is tapped to lead Company’s Brazilian Efforts.

Maloca ( is GMG’s ( Mobile Lifestyle Management Solution specifically developed for the tourism industry.

It is an innovative solution that allows tourist to access destination specific content on a PDA.

It is a telephone, camera, with GPS and provides Internet and Email access among many other features.

It allows stakeholders in the tourism industry to bring their products to their customers in a highly integrated and innovative manner, covering all points of contact with the tourist.

Key features

With Maloca™, the first fully integrated and interactive Mobile Destination Guide, you can also make calls, send emails and text messages, listen to audio tours, learn our language, and browse the Internet. All from one handy device!

In the Caribbean, you can get a Maloca™ by renting it for the amount of days you are on the island (This business model does not apply to Brazil.)

Because GMG forms alliances and affiliations with outstanding companies and organizations whose capabilities and offerings complement GMG’s own, CompuStream was the natural choice to partner with to enter the Brazilian market since it has the network, the experience, and the expertise necessary to help maximize GMG’s opportunity in one of the largest markets in the world.


GMG GROUP NV is an Aruba based company that among other technologies, distributes Maloca, a mobile tour guide in Pocket PC format that helps people choose everything it need to enjoy it’s holiday while on the go: from restaurants to activities, shops, sights and many other points of interest.

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