IT is a strategic asset for implementing a Modern Business Strategy – São Paulo – 19/02/2010 – by CS

Once you decide to create and implement an innovative business strategy to explore new ways to compete in a market transformed by technology, one important component of the strategy formulation process is to understand the evolution and transformation of the entire company by its technology.

By focusing on the technology side of the business and understanding how IT integrates its products/ services and delivers business success, the path is free to analyze the impact of the actual business enterprise in successfully implementing a future modern business strategy.

From automating manual processes to enabling new enterprise processes, technology has certainly changed business operations. However, there’s a new approach for managing technical resources that goes beyond changing individual operations and instead aligns all of IT more closely to business strategy. It’s called: Enterprise Architecture.

Enterprise architecture is a method and organizing principle that aligns functional business objectives and strategies with an IT strategy and execution plan.

The main objective of enterprise architecture is to direct the evolution and transformation of enterprises with technology allowing IT to become a more strategic asset for successfully implementing a modern business strategy.” says Max Gorissen, CompuStream CEO.

Enterprise architecture is a professional discipline that starts with matching business requirements to an architectural vision (considering governance, current state of assets, road map and strategic goals).

Just getting a little technical, one aspect in harnessing the power of enterprise architecture is to maximize and fine-tune the benefits of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), which can lower costs by sharing services, create agility by orchestrating services, and improve interoperability between application silos.

SOA is an empowering vehicle for legacy modernization projects,” says Max. “By taking the most-costly legacy systems and modernizing them with SOA, you can provide a framework for moving other legacy services to a lower-cost platform.

This architecture development process provides the structure for an enterprise architecture that can optimize the use of shared services in an organization and by that, contributing to finding new or more effective ways of doing business and compete in a market transformed by technology.

Give us a call and let’s talk about implementing a Modern Business Strategy.

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