CompuStream implements telecommuting to enable employees to perform some of their work from places other than their designated work location. – 1/6/2006

Because of the characteristics of the work performed, CompuStream employees can work almost anywhere, at least some of the time. Using the flexibility to work in a home office will help CompuStream succeed and move into the future with a productive and well-balanced workforce.

SAO PAULO – 06/01/2006 – CompuStream Consultoria, an outsourced business representation firm dedicated to assist international technology and communications companies to establish or enhance their presence in Brazil, announced today it has implemented a telecommuting program that will enable its employees to perform work from multiple sites such as home and customer location(s).

Telecommuting is the ability to do your work at a location other than your official duty station. For some CompuStream employees, that is feasible because of their type of work that basically requires thinking, writing and telephone-intensive tasks like: data analysis, reviewing and obtaining information, writing reports, setting up meetings, follow up on sales leads, among others. With portable computers, high speed telecommunications links, and ever-present pocket communications devices, our employees can work almost anywhere; at least some of the time.” said Maximilian Immo Orm Gorissen, CompuStream Chief Executive Officer.

When CompuStream started to consider mobilizing its workforce, it considered a variety of issues to maintain a productive and well-balanced workforce. Just to illustrate, before becoming a telecommuter, it is required of the employee to meet the following conditions:

  • Ensure that the home office is a safe place to work;
  • Keep personal disruptions such as non-business telephone calls and visitors to a minimum;
  • Ensure the protection of Proprietary CompuStream and Client information accessible from their home;
  • Make advance arrangements for dependent care to ensure a productive work environment (telecommuting is not a substitute for day care or other personal obligations);
  • Obtain pre-approval from the supervisor for use of vacation time or sick leave to attend to family or home matters during home office hours;
  • Ensure work area is free of obstructions to eliminate trip and fall hazards;
  • Ensure work area has proper lighting, ventilation and furniture;
  • Set up the home work site in an ergonomically correct fashion.

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