CompuStream introduces a New Service called Local Representation – 19/9/2005

CompuStream can be a business center for companies which dont have a structure of their own in Brazil, and wish to have one.

CompuStream can be a business center for companies which dont have a structure of their own in Brazil, and wish to have one.

In this case, CompuStream provides complete infrastructure with bilingual personnel, up-to-date office equipment, internet service among other facilities, and represents the company and its products, creating the sales and marketing strategies, generating sales and helping on the import, logistics and distribution.

Why CompuStream

CompuStream is owned and headed by Maximilian Immo Orm Gorissen, with more than 15 years of experience in Latin American Market Entry, Strategy Formulation, and IT markets. This positions CompuStream as a consulting company with an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and limitations of the region, therefore providing its customers with proper growth strategies.

Our clients are companies with limited overseas market experience/exposure or financial and manpower restraints, that rely on us to help develop their market and sell their products.

For those companies, which do not have a structure of their own in Brazil, and wish to have one, we become the local partner or your local partner in your Brazilian venture.

Selecting the right partner, as in any other country, is critical. Specific expertise, track record and business ethics are probably the more important issues to be looked at.

How do we do it

Working closely together, we will commercialize your products and define the best way of facing new opportunities and challenges. We will agree on what type of channels to develop, as well as the logistics, financial issues and promotional policies most adequate to the available resources of your company.

Our focus will always be to help your company develop/ increase its market operation in Brazil by identifying the markets and the clients, the growth potential for each market, the organizational requirements, the government regulations and the import restrictions. Summarize, we will:

– Select final partner candidates
– Generate Letters of Intent
– Negotiate partner agreements
– Create a comprehensive business plan 
– Identify your most profitable local markets 
– Build a productive local sales network 
– Help you price your products competitively
– Help you to comply with Brazilian import regulations, licensing requirements and other details. 
– Promote your products
– Assist you in budgeting realistically for export sales and revenues 
– Ensure you get maximum results from your overseas trips, including visiting trade shows


Due to our history of successful partnership development, CompuStream can help maximize your local effectiveness. We understand the skill necessary for resellers to be successful, and the structure necessary to minimize your companys support burden.

Moreover, CompuStream incorporated ISO/IEC 17799:2005 Security Standard witch contains best practice guidance to help protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our client’s information, a touchstone for effectively ensuring compliance with data protection, privacy and information misuse regulations.

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