CompuStream provides market intelligence for foreign companies interested in Brazil. – 21/9/2006

By supplying exceptional information and analysis we will help our clients make better decisions, mitigate their risk and save good money in the end.

SAO PAULO – 09/21/2006 – CompuStream Consultoria, an outsourced business development firm dedicated to assist international technology and telecommunications companies to establish or increase their presence in Brazil, announced today it has partnered with top business information companies in order to provide its clients with the most accurate, highest quality, up-to-date, unbiased business intelligence.

CompuStream streamlined business model allows it to provide its clients with exceptional information and analysis at the most competitive price available.

We can help our clients learn if a company truly exists, what its trade practices have been in recent years, what its payment records are, if they infringed on another company’s Intellectual Property, etc. The correct information can mitigate our client risk in doing business by revealing their potential partner’s business history. This will help in saving them from defaulted payments, illegally copied products, and from making the wrong partner choice.” stated Maximilian Immo Orm Gorissen, CEO of CompuStream.

The business intelligence information will be delivered in two formats:

a) List of Companies: Custom order an up-to-date list of companies in Brazil which match your parameters. The search criteria include Industry, location, number of employees, annual revenue, etc.

b) Company Information Report: This report includes basic company data of address, industry, company registration information, contact individuals, information on their shareholders and credit information including (when available), balance sheet, income statement, litigation record and other data.

Each profiles content is verified with public records and the company itself so it is a fresh as possible.

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