Brazil High Technology and Innovation.

Por: Max Gorissen

Brazil is a funny country…While having all the usual (and sometimes unique) problems of an undeveloped country, at the same time it achieves and surpasses standards not even achieved by international developed countries. Just focusing in High Technology and Innovation, check some examples:

  • Brazil has developed technology that allows taxpayers to file their income tax returns electronically; (99% are submitted via the internet);
  • Among Brazilian companies, 6,890 have ISO 900 certification, the biggest among developing countries. In Mexico, there are only 300 companies and in Argentina 265;
  • The integrated trade control system (known as SISCOMEX) means that almost 100% of import and export procedures are performed electronically;
  • Brazil uses a computerized system for balloting and counting votes. In the last presidential and municipal elections more than 119 million voters spread over an area larger than Europe cast their ballots electronically. Counting was concluded in less than 6 hours thanks to the computerized system, ensuring greater transparency and security during elections;
  • The number of checking accounts in Brazilian banks has grown to 71.5 million (2000-03). Growing steady since…;
  • Brazil shows technological expertise and competitiveness in several productive sectors: from aircraft, electronic voting systems, and software to agro industrial products and commodities;
  • Brazil is the second largest market for executive jets and helicopters;
  • The total number of phone lines (mobile and fixed) exceeds 100 million. It’s # 4 in the world;
  • The cell phone market is the second largest in the world, growing 650 thousand new lines  every month;
  • 40% of all internet users in Latin America are from Brazil;
  • There are 14 different carmakers with factories in Brazil and 4 more with projects approved;
  • Steel production broke all records in 2004 (32.9 million tons). Growing steady since…;
  • Brazil has the most advanced bank system in the world. Exporting banking technology even to the USA;
  • Biodiesel legislation has now been voted to add yet another vector to the Brazilian energy matrix;
  • The country boasts the largest and most diversified industrial base in Latin America and the Caribbean.


All this has increased internal consumption significantly with higher earnings and better income distribution, inevitably resulting in sustained growth, providing private investors with excellent market and investments opportunities.

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