Experimentation is motivating.

Por: Max Gorissen

I am in the business of helping international companies sell or increase its sales in Brazil for some years now and a motivating thing about this business is that, no matter how much experience and knowledge we acquire, we are always experimenting before we start any new project.

In our business, representing a new client typically begins with an effort to select or create one or more possible promotion concepts, which may or may not include the best possible solutions since no one knows what the best solutions are in advance.

These promotion concepts are then tested against an array of requirements and constraints that are unique based on each client need.

This initial effort, we call it trials, yield new information and learning, in particular about aspects of the outcome we did not, or was not able to know or foresee in advance: the initial project misconceptions.

These misconceptions (this is a positive thing at this point since we are not implementing yet) are used to revise and refine the promotion under development, and progress is made in this way toward an acceptable result.

Is like experimenting and developing something new or at least different every time, not just a copy.

This experimentation is what motivates

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