Always check if you have a valid Visa before traveling to Brazil.

Por: Max Gorissen

A common misunderstanding that often occurs to foreign citizens is arriving in Brazil without a valid visa…and not being accepted into Brazil.

So, my advice: ALWAYS CHECK IF YOU HAVE A VALID VISA before traveling to Brazil.

Brazil works with the following types of Visas:

  • Transit: you must apply for this type of visa if your trip is not continuous and you are going to travel through Brazil. This transit visa will allow you to enter the country once, are valid up to 10 days and are not extended.
  • Tourist: If you are a foreigner and plan to visit Brazil for recreation or tourism, you must apply for this kind of visa. Beware that with this tourist visa you can not remain for an indefinite period since it does not have immigration purposes and you can not engage in paid activities. Check if your country has ratified international treaties with Brazil ensuring reciprocal rights because if your country does not require Brazilians to have visas, you do not need a visa to enter the country either. In this case, your tourist visa will be valid for up to 90 days and can be extended for another 90.
  • Temporary: There are some restrictions to apply for a temporary visa. You must be a foreigner coming on:
  • Cultural trip or study mission – Type I visa – valid for a stay up to 2 years;
  • Business trip – Type II visa – 90 days;
  • Artist or sport person – Type III visa – 90 days;
  • Student – Type IV visa – 1 year;
  • Scientist, professor, technician or any other professional under a contract or employment agreement or on Brazilian government service – Type V visa – 2 years;
  • Correspondent of a foreign newspapers, magazines, radios, televisions or news agencies – Type IV visa – 4 years;
  • Religious representative or congregation member – Type VII visa – 1 year.
  • Permanent: This type of visa is for foreigners planning to settle and reside in Brazil definitively.
  • Courtesy, official and diplomatic visa: These types of visas are granted by the Ministry of Foreign Relations to personnel of foreign embassies, consulates, and international organizations within Brazil.

It is important to clarify that foreigners holding student, transit or tourist visa may not engage in any paid work in Brazil.

If you are a foreign citizen and want to engage in paid activities in Brazil, you must request a temporary or permanent work visa. Which type, temporary or permanent, and the period you will be authorized to stay will depend on the position and the activities you will hold/perform in Brazil.

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