Internet Domain Names in Brazil.

Por: Max Gorissen

To clarify the domain name and registration issue in Brazil, let’s start by stating the obvious: a domain name is the name a company or individual uses to identify its website.

There were no specific domain name rules in Brazil until 1998 when the Brazilian Internet Management Committee finally published the domain name rules.

Basically, the rules states that a domain name must be registered at FAPESP (check their web site: and have an extension matching the services a company provides, for example, a commercial company may use the .com extension or, depending on its activities, .ind for industry, .imb for a real state company, while governmental and non-profit agencies must use .gov for government or .org for organization.

Also, to identify that the extension is one that has being registered in Brazil, it must be followed by .br for Brazil. Example:

Another demand is that if you want to register a domain name in Brazil, you must have a valid registered Brazilian CNPJ number (for companies) or a valid registered Brazilian CPF number (for individuals) plus, an individual representative in Brazil.

If you are a foreign company and don’t have a local registered branch office or operation, you must have an attorney-in-fact (or representative) in Brazil who must also deliver its CNPJ or CPF number with all the needed documentation to FAPESP.

Be careful, among other documents, you must attach a statement (notarized and legalized at a Brazilian Consulate in the company headquarter city/country) undertaking that the company will begin business in Brazil within the next 12 months….don’t forget to translate these documents using a sworn translator.

Once you have this documentation:

Check the domain name availability on;

Enroll your company or representative in FAPESP;

Once enrolled with FAPESP and with the name and password provided in hand, you can register your domain. There are no limits on number of domain names;

FAPESP will then activate the domain and within two weeks you must provide FAPESP with two DNS (Domain Name System) that will host the site;

FAPESP will charge you with an annual registration and maintenance fee for each domain name. As in anywhere else, if you fail to pay the annual fee, FAPESP will suspend and cancel the registration.


Hope this really simple explanation will help you.

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